About Us

Aquarium Designs is based out of Elgin IL, we service the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago Land. We have been the official service division of Beyond the Reef since 2009. Together our companies offer you over 20 years’ experience in the aquatic industry. With a fully staffed retail store and a separate distinctly staffed service division AQD & BTR are poised to bring you full service solutions for all your aquarium needs.

Available Services

  • Standard & custom aquarium set-ups
  • Aquarium moves
  • Aquarium tear downs
  • Custom aquarium plumbing & filtration
  • Automation (CAS, computerized aquarium solutions including APEX)
  • Sales, consultation, & installation of RO/DI systems (reverse osmosis deionization)
  • Consultations for home or office
  • Saltwater & freshwater maintenance
  • Aquascaping
  • Vacation solutions

(Service while you are away, inspection or feeding visits)

All options are tailored to meet your specific needs.

Its all about Water Chemistry

Routine aquarium maintenance, fish tank cleaning services or duties, and regular partial water changes are the most fundamental actions you can take to proactively maintain a healthy and balanced aquarium. We believe that how and when you employ fish tank cleaning services is the single most important factor of success when trying to establish healthy balanced aquaria. We are an expert-level fish tank maintenance service, and our regular fish tank servicing can have a positive effect on your aquaria from a chemically quantitative perspective.

Aqua Health

We have an entire team of aquatic professionals devoted to the comprehensive care of your aquarium. Any seasoned aquarium professional has been approached by someone with the question, “What’s wrong with my fish?” The problem, is that in most situations, an attempt at a visual diagnosis is all that is offered. Pathogens present themselves with a variety of visual symptoms. Relying on sight diagnosis alone is simply not an accurate method to diagnose fish disease. We conduct a pathology service to diagnose fish disease and discuss with you the best course of action in your specific situation. If required,we also provide expert consultation for setting up a quarantine system, and establishing a prophylactic treatment regimen.

One of the beautiful things about aquariums is that they can come in all shapes and sizes. Your aquarium can be nested in walls or coffee tables, or be used as standalone centerpieces. The possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination. We offer completely customized aquarium designs for homes and businesses. From a modestly sized custom aquarium for a private residence, to a large reef system aquarium for a commercial office, we can execute exquisite designs tailored to your aesthetic preferences and styles.

We’ve delivered beautiful designs for private homes, doctor’s offices, commercial buildings, restaurants, retail shops, and many other businesses. Our consultants tailor each concept and aesthetic to meet your unique demands and specifications. We combine cutting-edge designs and innovative engineering systems to execute a flawless translation of your vision.
Poor workmanship and flaws in design can lead to disastrous results down the line for your aquarium installations. Our expert plumbers work a well designed and properly crafted plumbing system into a thing of beauty. Our designs accommodate your current and future aquarium needs without breaking the bank. We guarantee our craftsmanship.

The key to any successful eco-system is a properly functioning life support system. This can take on a nearly infinite array of shapes and sizes of devices instaelled in the cabinet underneath the tank. We will work with you to build a freshwater or saltwater aquarium set-up that matches your goals and your budget.
When Aquarium Designs maintains your tank, you will get more than a water change. We will make sure that all filter pads and sponges are clean. The outside of the glass will be algae free for your viewing pleasure. We will test the chemistry of the water to ensure all livestock will maintain a long life.

Once we have finished the maintenance we will discuss testing results as well as the explanation of the invoice.
Standard service rate is $75.00 per hour plus any water and supplies used.
Emergency service rate is $125.00 per hour plus any water and supplies used.

Our recurring service and maintenance accounts have the choice of an hourly rate or a flat rate fee. This option is determined on a case by case basis and allows our recurring service accounts to easily budget their aquarium costs.
Our aquarium specialists offer expert aquarium advice about virtually any aquarium topic. Whether you are just beginning or if you are a seasoned aquarist, everybody can use a few pointers now and again. Our experts can assist you with any problem you might have. Our consultations include calcium/alkalinity imbalance, pH instability, dosing, carbon dioxide injection, algae analysis and pest detection.

Fish Disease issues are unfortunately quite common. In addition to expert aquarium advice our pathology service to assist in disease diagnosis. The initial phases of an aquarium startup are the most critical. We will guide you through the entire process.

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